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We are very pleased to announce GoGetter, a new four-level course from Pearson and the BBC.

Aimed at today’s young teenagers, GoGetter is a unique and multifaceted course that brings 21st century skills into the classroom.

With a strong focus on assessment for learning, GoGetter is highly relevant to the real-world challenges that students will face outside the class. Not only will it help learners develop English language skills and improve their confidence, but it will also help them develop the critical thinking and growth mindset strategies they need to succeed in their lives and future careers.

Here’s what you can expect from the new GoGetter course!

Get more with GoGetter

GoGetter offers numerous benefits to both you and your students.

With teachers in mind, GoGetter easily adapts to personal teaching styles and mixed-ability classes. It follows a straightforward and clearly organized “open-and-teach” approach, saving you valuable time when preparing lessons. You can also rely on thorough exam practice opportunities and be confident your students have everything they need to get ready for exams.

GoGetter inspires students to learn through a variety of entertaining cartoons, cliffhanger videos and interactive tasks, engaging their interest from the outset. Authentic videos from the BBC help develop natural communication and knowledge of the wider world, and the fun animations present the language in a clear way helping students to master grammar quickly.

Your learners will also develop the personal, communicative, collaborative, digital and critical thinking skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century.

Motivate students with videos

GoGetter offers 47 engaging videos in each level. This high-quality content is well presented, clear and informative and introduces students to new concepts and language in an authentic way.

The Grammar and Communication videos are presented in a fun soap-opera drama format and present and reinforce key language from the course in natural dialogues. Each episode provides context and meaning for the course content, helping students assimilate the target language. The exciting and interactive cliffhanger endings will also have your students on the edge of their seats and will get them practicing prediction and critical thinking skills.

The Get Culture! videos from the BBC review and recycle the course language and introduce students to diversity and culture from all around the world. These authentic videos are full of interesting and relevant information and will truly motivate and excite your students as they get to explore new ideas and topics.

GoGetter’s Get Grammar! Animations present funny, animated clips that outline key grammatical structures. Teachers can use this content to practice and review the target language in a new and motivating way.

Discover digital tools

GoGetter offers a range of digital resources that you can use in a variety of ways depending on the technology and resources available to you.

All students have access to the course audio and video on Extra Online Practice, giving them more exposure to English outside of class. Both you and your learners can also benefit from the resources and tools available with MyEnglishLab, which is a digital alternative to traditional Workbooks.

With MyEnglishLab, you can track learner progress, test understanding, and practice language, as well as providing individual objectives and exercises for your students who will receive feedback and the chance to further improve their skills.

Inside the classroom, ActiveTeach is an innovative presentation tool that allows you to lead the lesson in an interactive way using the extra resources available (i.e. games, flashcards, extra activities).

A DVD-ROM is also offered with the teacher’s book for each level of GoGetter, which includes audio, video, scripts, flashcards and additional teaching resources.

Equip students with 21st Century Skills

21st century teenagers need certain skills and abilities to help prepare them for the future.

GoGetter helps students develop their communication and collaboration skills in a number of engaging ways. In the classroom, students have the chance to regularly practice oral and written communication. This builds confidence in their abilities to connect with people all around the world and will help them in their future studies and when they eventually travel and work independently.

Completing project work in pairs and groups, students practice being part of a team, assuming different roles and learning to respect other people’s opinions – a valuable experience for their futures.

The video stories encourage learners to analyse and predict, and there are problem solving and reasoning tasks throughout helping them to think more critically.

Get students ready for exams

GoGetter offers a thorough path for exam preparation, helping your students gain confidence with the language and skills required for local and international exams.

GoGetter’s language syllabus is compatible with both the Pearson Test of English for Young Learners (PTE) and the Cambridge Young Learner qualifications.

Featuring a range of exam practice activities included in core lessons and throughout the course, GoGetter prepares students for exam success. It offers further exam practice in the four double-page Skills Revision sections and in the Workbook.

GoGetter also encourages students to become autonomous learners, by providing self-assessment in the Check yourself! section in the Student’s’ Book, Workbook and in the Exam Spot activities section.

Moreover, the course has also been developed in accordance with the Global Scale of English, which means that teachers can track and understand their learners’ performance and develop their lessons plans to suit student needs.

Develop creative and culturally aware students

Young teenagers are naturally creative, and GoGetter provides plenty of opportunities for students to express themselves and develop their individual talents.

In Writing time! students use their creativity by practicing all the language they have learned up to that point.

The Get Culture! lessons allow students to present their opinions and express ideas in a number of different ways while learning about new cultures. I remember that! lets learners practice their language using drawing, poetry and other creative ways.

We are very excited about this new course and can’t wait to see the impact it has in classrooms all over the world!

For more information about GoGetter, visit the website or contact a local sales representative to order a sample.

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