Back to school: Getting ready for your new English course

Back to school with Pearson English

It’s almost the end of the summer holidays in Europe, and time to start getting ready for a new school year! Whether your school is going back to full time face-to-face learning, continuing online or experimenting with a blended approach it’s always good to be prepared and get to know the new course you’ll be teaching. 

Here is a selection of our courses, with helpful how-to videos which will guide you through the main features of each series and offer useful teaching tips when it comes to each course. 

Now I Know! 

This engaging course is designed for primary learners. It uses inquiry-based learning to spark children’s curiosity, centering around big topics and supported by authentic BBC videos. Now I Know! works to build up students’ language abilities, while developing the 21st century skills that enable students’ to be active participants in their education. 

Watch this video to see how each unit is put together, with grammar and language activities centred around a big question. 

Find out more about Now I Know! 

Team Together

This primary level course develops 21st century skills alongside language skills. With a focus on creative communication and critical thinking in authentic contexts, the engaging content is linked to other school subjects. In this way, students are empowered to use their language skills outside the classroom, in a wider context. 

This video provides a helpful introduction to the course and its components.  

There’s also a useful webinar from course author Carol Higho about using Team Together for exam preparation. 

Learn more about Team Together. 

Focus Second Edition 

Focus has been created with teenage learners in mind. It’s designed around the 3Ms methodology – motivation, memory and meaning. With motivational learning processes, memorable content and meaningful themes, the series uses BBC video content for a course that is authentic and instantly engaging. 

This video will give you an overview of the main course features in Focus Second Edition

There’s also a video which explains the role of each course component and how they work together, as well as a unit walk-through which explains the structure of each unit

Read more about the Focus Second Edition. 

High Note

This course is aimed at aspiring teenagers who are getting ready to enter the workplace or higher education. High Note is designed to encourage students to aim high and achieve their ambitions through three main aims; developing their career skills, setting them up for exam success and building their confidence when communicating in English. 

Watch this video to see all the main features of the High Note course: 

There’s also a breakdown of the course components and a video which walks you through a typical unit in the course. And don’t miss out on this video series by Rachael Roberts, who shares practical ideas on teaching career skills with High Note

Learn more about High Note

Gold Experience 2nd Edition 

Gold Experience aims to equip teenage students with the language skills they need for classroom, exam and career success. This course follows the exam specifications for the Cambridge English for Schools exams. There are eight levels, which correspond to A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First and C1 Advanced. It features a dynamic mix of resources, along with independent learning activities and a focus on 21st century skills

Watch this video to learn all about the main features of Gold Experience 2nd Edition.

You can see a full breakdown of the course in a second training video, and a third video explains how each unit works

Download a sample of Gold Experience 2nd Edition.  


Roadmap offers each learner a personalized path to follow on their language learning journey. Designed for adult students, there are eight levels to take students all the way from Beginner to Advanced. The dual track structure means that you can focus on the language skills where students need the most improvement, and it also enables you to easily adapt the length of the course. 

The course also includes digital components which make the transition to online teaching seamless. Lindsay Warwick, one of the course authors, explains how Roadmap can be used for remote teaching in a series of training videos. 

Learn how to teach online with Roadmap:

The other training videos are available online and there are also four webinars, hosted by the writing team behind the Roadmap course, to offer guidance on building up your learners’ confidence, responding to their needs and developing their skills. 

Download a sample of Roadmap


This course for adult learners offers teachers the flexibility to teach the way they want to. Depending on your students’ needs, you can focus on different language skills, personalize your classes, flip the learning or simply follow the course. The course features a wide range of interactive activities and videos, with an innovative course design that builds future skills, particularly collaboration and critical thinking. 

The digital elements of the StartUp course mean that it’s easy to teach online. StartUp editor Dr. Ken Beatty hosts a series of webinars with tips for keeping students engaged when teaching remotely. There are also video guides to the digital tools that come with the course. 

Watch this video for a detailed explanation of how to use Active Teach, a presentation tool which allows you to play all the rich course material in the textbook. 

Learn more about StartUp.

Further reading

For more resources to prepare you for the return to school, visit our Back to School page which has lots of useful information on getting back into the classroom.

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