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Assessment Summer Sessions

This summer, put your time to good use with our Pearson English Assessment Summer Sessions. Every Tuesday, we’ll be hosting a free webinar exploring the ways in which you can use Pearson English Proficiency assessments in your teaching to make a difference to your students’ lives. From the role of the Global Scale of English in assessment, to the future of AI in education, our webinars cover a range of topics and are all hosted by experts in ELT, education and assessment. 

How do I sign up? 

It’s easy! Take a look at the list of webinars below, find the sessions you are interested in and click on ‘register now!’. 

Please note – All the sessions are published in UK time – so make sure you know the equivalent hour in your time zone! 

All attendees to our Assessment Summer Sessions webinars will also receive a certificate of attendance which you can share with your schools or employers. 

If you are unable to join us, don’t worry – all the sessions will be recorded and shared on the website at a later date. You can also join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn using the hashtag #PearsonSummerSessions. 

So what have we got lined up for you? Let’s take a look at the schedule: 

The role of assessment in today’s digital learning journey with Nick Laul

Our series kicks off with Nick Laul, an expert in developing assessment solutions. He will introduce you to the role assessment plays in the journey to language proficiency. 

You will learn about the innovative, cutting-edge developments happening within English assessment, and how technology, data and AI are transforming the way assessments are delivered and used. 


Tuesday June 30th, 11am UK time 

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How to help learners chart their own course towards English proficiency with Bill Bonk

In this webinar, Dr. Bill Bonk, an expert in second language measurement, will take a look at how teachers can leverage student-driven activities, as well as use tools like the GSE Teacher Toolkit to help students chart their own course towards English proficiency, based on their own needs and current level.

Many learners seek opportunities outside the classroom to practice and improve their skills. The methods they choose vary from more traditional (studying vocabulary, reading) to more innovative (videos, interacting through video calls or chat, etc). However these activities can occur without structure and without learners’ awareness of what they might get out of them. Students can always use guidance for how to coordinate these activities and how to use them best, given their proficiency level. 


Tuesday July 7th, 3pm UK time 

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Getting to know the Versant English Placement Test + Remote Monitoring with Andrew Khan

In this session, Andrew Khan from the Pearson English Assessment team will provide an introduction to the Versant English Placement Test (VEPT), as a fast, fair and cost-effective way to measure English proficiency of students, whether you’re teaching on campus or remote teaching. With results that come back in minutes, powered by Pearson’s unique machine learning assessment technology, and the option for remote video monitoring to provide additional peace of mind, it’s a solution with a range of potential uses. 


Tuesday July 14th, 3pm UK time

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How to use the Global Scale of English: an end-to-end solution to support teaching and assessment with Mike Mayor

The Global Scale of English (GSE) is an extension of the CEFR for English, with hundreds more Can Do statements to address the needs of a wider range of learners. Critical to the project has been the development of tools and resources to support teachers in implementing the GSE (and the CEFR) in their day-to-day teaching. 

Mike Mayor, the Director of Global Scale of English, will explore the GSE framework, showcasing the tools and resources that are freely available online to support teaching and assessment in the classroom. 


Tuesday July 21st, 11am UK time 

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Getting to know the new Pearson English Level and Benchmark Tests with Darren Nicholls

The Level and Benchmark Tests are the newest proficiency tests from Pearson English. Backed by the same automated scoring technology as our other proficiency assessments, these web-based tests first stream students into the appropriate class and then monitor their progress over an extended period of time. Both tests are hosted on a new platform, Test Hub, which supports lifelong learning by bringing together all proficiency assessments under one roof.

Educational expert Darren Nicholls will show how the Benchmark Test carries on where English Benchmark Young Learners leaves off, by introducing rich reports that leverage mapping to Pearson courseware – to better focus teaching and allow students to take ownership of their out-of-school learning.


Tuesday July 28th, 11am UK time 

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How to use digital assessment to direct and refine the teaching of young learners with Jenny Liontou

Research shows that while EFL teachers overwhelmingly recognise the value of assessment in the classroom, they sometimes feel uncertain when it comes to digital assessment tools, especially for younger learners. 

In this session, Dr. Jenny Liontou, a specialist in EFL Testing & Assessment, will explain how to get the best out of digital assessment. She’ll be looking at the English Benchmark Young Learners test in particular as a tool that not only helps teachers to effectively monitor young students’ progress, but also gives powerful, targeted feedback and direction for the teaching programme itself. 


Tuesday August 4th, 11am UK time 

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Getting to know English Benchmark Young Learners with Darren Nicholls

Launched in 2018, English Benchmark Young Learners is aimed at young learners (6-14). It is a diagnostic and formative tool that can also be used as a progress monitor, and covers pre A1 to B1+ (10 – 58) on the GSE. Fun and interactive, this gamified, tablet-based assessment puts young learners at ease.English Benchmark Young Learners is the first Pearson English assessment to directly map to Pearson courseware.

In this session, Darren Nicholls from the Pearson English Assessment team will talk through the structure of the test, the interactions, the ease of administration and the richness of the score reports.


Tuesday August 11th, 11am UK time 

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How to help your students meet their potential in their PTE General exam with Joanne Sale

Getting ready for any 4-skills based test can be tricky and is not only about familiarity with the test, but also the skills needed for success. 

Practice Test Plus PTE General is specifically designed to be used in a classroom setting, through online lessons or individually. It offers teachers and students a complete set of materials to help them get familiar with PTE General and improve skills for taking the test, however they choose to use it. Created specifically for each PTE General level, the series gives an overview of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for the paper-based test, as well as guidance, strategies and tips on approaching each task type. 

In this webinar, Joanne Sale, an expert in PTE material, will talk about ideas for how to use the print, online and blended materials in both physical and virtual classrooms as well as some of the extra support resources available to teachers and students.


Tuesday August 18th, 5pm UK time 

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Getting to know the PTE General, and why a certificate still matters with Jane Bledsoe

General English test-takers around the globe tell us that their certificate is one of the most important parts of taking a general English proficiency test. Jane Bledsoe, the product manager for PTE General and PTE Young Learners, will explore the ways in which PTE General is helping test-takers prove their proficiency and achieve their goals. You’ll be able to get an early look at new practice content and find out more about the computer-based test launching in 2021.


Tuesday August 25th, 5pm UK time 

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How to help your students prepare for the PTE Academic test using the Teacher Preparation Pathway with Melanie Drake 

In this webinar, Melanie Drake will be taking a look at the Teacher Preparation Pathway, a handy tool that has all the resources you need in one place to prepare your learners. She’ll also be focusing on our new Teacher Community and all the support coming this year, and sharing her extensive experience in the education sector to show you the best way to help your students prepare for the test with our range of preparation resources. 

Whether you are completely new to PTE Academic, or simply want to fine-tune your skills and find out what material we have to support you, you’ll learn how to map out your journey with the Teacher Preparation Pathway.


Tuesday September 1st, 11am UK time 

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A look to the future: AI’s place in education and language assessment with David Booth

In the final webinar of the summer, David Booth, the director of Test Development at Pearson English Assessment, will look at how artificial intelligence is used in assessment. In particular, he’ll be talking about how AI can help complete the circle of learning and assessment, giving immediate feedback to students to help make learning more efficient. 

The webinar will also discuss the role of the teacher and how AI applications can free up teacher time for more meaningful interaction with their students, and finish with a look to the future to see what further potential AI has to support teaching and learning.


Tuesday 8th September, 3pm UK time 

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We look forward to seeing you at our Assessment Summer Sessions. Don’t forget, all sessions will be recorded and available on our website and YouTube channel in case you are not able to make it to a scheduled time. And you can also join the conversation on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages using the hashtag #PearsonSummerSessions.

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