A sizzling lesson for Bonfire night

bonfire night lesson

These classroom activities are ideal for getting learners talking about this popular fall tradition.

Also known as Guy Fawkes night, Bonfire night remembers the failure of English rebel Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London on November 5th, 1605.

Coming very soon after Halloween, Bonfire night is another traditional opportunity for people in Britain to get outside and enjoy the cool fall weather. It’s fun and usually involves a lot of fireworks! These two activity sheets give students a taste of Bonfire night. Each one has material for 45 minutes of stimulating class activity and discussion.

In the Bonfire night speaking activity, two students talk about what to do at this time of year. After choosing short phrases to fill the gaps in the conversation, the students then discuss what they think about fireworks and what kind of parties they prefer. This is ideal for students at the intermediate level.

The Fire worksheet introduces some more words associated with fire. First students match each fire-related word with its definition, before discussing the words with a partner. Then they find the linking sound in a series of fire-themed sentences. This is ideal for intermediate to upper-intermediate level students.

These two worksheets will help your students improve their vocabulary on this very topical subject. Download them and give them a try with your class!

Bonfire night speaking activity

Fire worksheet

Fire worksheet answer key

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