7 Podcasts English Teachers should listen to


Listening to podcasts is an excellent way to learn new things and stay entertained while planning lessons, tidying your apartment or working out. 

At Pearson English – we love podcasts! So, we’ve put together a list of podcasts English teachers should start listening to today. Discover the latest innovations in education, how technology is helping students learn and classroom tips from other English teachers. 

1. The Pearson English Podcast

What better place to start than the Pearson English Podcast. We speak with experts and innovators who share their experiences and present their take on new teaching trends. There are 23 episodes in total packed with actionable insights. 

Our presenters – Joanna, Richard, Patrick and Sam – are all language teaching experts who are constantly looking for ways to help teachers around the world. 

So far, we’ve spoken to a range of experts including Amy Malloy, who gave an introduction to mindfulness in learning, Martin Bloomfield who talked about his experiences with dyslexia and Rachael Roberts, who shared ways to teach career skills to teenagers. 

Listen now on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts or Spotify

2. The EdTech Podcast

The EdTech Podcast is a weekly show that aims to “improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ for better innovation and impact.

It was founded by technology expert Sophie Bailey and features interviews with a range of specialists. Expect to hear from education leaders, teachers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. They cover topics like education and artificial intelligence, game-based learning and assessment without tests. You’ll come to understand the bigger picture of technology’s impact on education.

The website is easy to browse: you can find past episodes by topics or series, from one that focuses on ‘what matters in edtech’ to another that presents leaders in higher education who ‘do things a bit differently’. 

Listen now on iTunes or Spotify.

3. TEFL Commute

TEFL Commute is a fun, light-hearted podcast run by teachers and teacher training professionals that aims to make your daily commute to class a bit brighter.  

Lindsay Clandfield, Shaun Wilden and James Taylor chat about a wide range of topics from teacher fears to perfectionism in teaching and ‘bad students’. 

At the end of each episode, there’s an activity related to the conversation that you can use in your classroom. Check out the show notes on the TEFL Commute website to find activities from previous episodes.

Listen now on iTunes or Spotify.

4. Phrasally Verbocious

The Phrasally Verbocious podcast is run by Chris Richards and Alan Hall, two English teachers who live in Spain. 

Episodes are both refreshing and spontaneous. The pair discuss issues that every teacher can relate to, like common classroom management mistakes, teaching mixed levels, juggling the workload with lesson planning, and more. They’ve also talked about the career trajectories available to ELT teachers and explored what makes a good teacher in the first place. 

What’s more, sometimes, Chris and Alan do live podcasts and often invite special guests to join them on the show. 

Listen now on PodBean.

5. Edufuturists

Presented by Ben Whitaker, Dan Fitzpatrick and Steven Hope, the weekly Edufuturists podcast features a conversation with guests from all over the world. They cover topics including “education, technology, the future and everything between.”

The hosts aim to drive positive, technological change in education. One of the show’s most exciting episodes to date has Patrick McGrath talk about preparing students for a future we can’t even imagine.

Listen now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

6. The TEFLology Podcast

The TEFLology Podcast takes a look at English language teaching, applied linguistics and other related fields. 

It was started in 2014 by three EFL teachers working in Tokyo, Japan. Matthew Schaefer, Matthew Turner and Robert Lowe share their experiences of English language teaching and conduct in-depth interviews with leading experts. 

In the 6 years since its launch, the TEFLology podcast has covered lots of topics. Browse the archives and discover conversations about a range of online learning and teaching habits to language-learning app development and Complex Dynamic Systems. 

Listen now on Apple Podcasts

7. The House of EdTech

Christopher J. Nesi´s podcast, The House of EdTech, is another show full of interesting insights for language teachers. Episodes often focus on social media and its uses in learning and teaching. 

It also looks at the hottest emerging technologies out there and explores exciting new topics, like TikTok for teachers. Also, find out about: 

  • Tech tools to help reading comprehension
  • Digital escape rooms to provide students with new learning experiences
  • Note-taking apps that make paying attention much easier
  • And lots more!

Listen now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Have we missed any of your favorite teaching podcasts? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!

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