6 delightful Disney Readers to celebrate Walt Disney’s birthday

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With elephants that can fly, seven dwarves with peculiar personalities and fairy godmothers granting wishes, Walt Disney created some truly magical movies.

To celebrate his birthday on December 5th 1901, we are sharing with you some of his classic tales.

Perfect for young learners, these stories range from levels 1 to 6, so there’s something for all abilities. Each reader comes with downloadable teachers’ resources and an audio version of the book.

So, sit back and relax and enjoy six of our favorite Disney Readers.

1. Winnie the Pooh (level 1)

Celebrate Walt Disney's Birthday with Winnie the Pooh

Have you ever looked in the cupboard when you’re hungry, hoping to find some honey, and found it completely empty?

That’s the problem Winnie the Pooh faces in this level 1 reader. But, he has a plan – the bees in the tree outside have honey. What can possibly go wrong?

Will Winnie the Pooh get the honey? And if he does, will he share it with his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood?

This book is the perfect introduction to reading for younger learners, with engaging characters and an amusing story. Download the audio and get your copy here.



2. The Little Mermaid (level 2)

Celebrate Walt Disney's Birthday with The Little Mermaid

It’s a story of an impossible love; she’s a mermaid and he’s a prince. But perhaps a terrible storm at sea will bring them together…dark clouds are in the sky and the prince’s boat is in danger.

With the help of her friends – Sebastian and Flounder – Ariel may be able to enjoy a future with handsome Prince Eric.

With 400 words, this level 2 reader is ideal for beginners who are starting to get more confidence with their reading.

Get your own copy and download the audio and see if the story has a happy ending.



3. Pinocchio (level 3)

Celebrate Walt Disney's Birthday with Pinocchio

One of Walt Disney’s early films, Pinocchio, is the heart-warming story of an old man called Geppetto. In the story, he makes a wooden puppet which can walk and talk. But Pinocchio is very naive and easily finds himself in trouble.

Follow Pinocchio’s adventures as he tries to find his way back home, with the advice of his friend, Jiminy Cricket. But does he prove he’s brave and unselfish enough to become a real boy?

This level 3 reader is ideal for learners preparing for the Cambridge Starters exam.

Find out more about Pinocchio’s journey and download the teaching resources here.


4. Robin Hood (level 4)

Celebrate Walt Disney's Birthday with Robin Hood

This level 4 reader perfect for A1 level students looking for adventure. It follows the story of Robin Hood. A notorious fox who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

Now the scary lion, Prince John, and his advisor, Sir Hiss, are trying to capture Robin.

Will Robin Hood survive and live a long and happy life with his friends in Sherwood Forest? Download a copy and find out!




5. Ratatouille (level 5)

Celebrate Walt Disney's Birthday with Ratatouille

Can you imagine finding a rat in your kitchen? And what if that rat was an incredible chef who cooks delicious dishes with fantastic flavors?

That’s the situation Alfredo Linguini finds himself in when Remy the rat appears one day. Alfredo works in one of the top restaurants in Paris, but he’s not a very good cook. That all changes when Remy sits in his hat and starts controlling his movements.

Read more about the pair’s amazing adventures. Level 5 is suitable for those preparing for the Cambridge Movers exam.




6. Up (level 6)

Celebrate Walt Disney's Birthday with Up

Our last pick for this selection is the level 6 reader, Up. It follows the story of two unlikely friends, grumpy old Carl and optimistic young Russell. They take an incredible trip in Carl’s house, which is being lifted by thousands of balloons.

It’s a beautiful tale of a growing friendship with lots of challenges along the way. Find out more about Carl and Russell’s adventures and download the audio.

Level 6 Readers have 1200 words and are great for A1+ level students.



Find out more about the grading system for our Readers.

For more magical stories, visit our Disney English Kids Readers page. And don’t forget to let us know in the comments what your favorite Disney classic is!

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