3 ways to work on your professional development during the holidays

Professional development

When the school holidays come around, it’s time to relax, take a break and focus on yourself and your family. It’s also a good moment to get ahead on your professional development goals and think about your teaching career. Let’s take a look at some of our top resources to help maximize your free time and learn some new skills – that is, when you’re not at the beach. 

1. Spark new ideas

Creativity comes most easily when we’re relaxed and happy, which makes vacation time a good moment to open our minds to new approaches to our teaching practice. Listening to a podcast in your downtime is an easy way to spark new interests and ideas for things to try in the classroom. 

Podcasts are convenient, because, unlike videos or articles, you can consume them when you’re on a run, driving somewhere, going to the supermarket, or even relaxing by the pool. That’s why we think they are perhaps the perfect professional development resource for teachers on vacation! 

Moreover, they’re often a lot of fun to listen to. Check out the Pearson English Podcast – there are a number of great episodes to explore. 

Here’s a selection you might enjoy:

The future of ELT

In this episode, our panel talks with Clare Walsh, a teacher, assessment expert and author. She tells us what’s in store for the future of online learning and English language teaching. Listen here:


We chat to Martin Bloomfield, an expert trainer at York Associates and the founder of Dyslexia Bites. Martin looks at how teachers can support neurodiverse learners. Listen here: 


Founder of Oxford-based company No More Shoulds, Amy Malloy examines how mindfulness can be built into the English Language classroom. Listen here:

Career Skills

In this episode, we talk to teacher trainer and life coach Rachael Roberts. She explores the importance of teaching career skills to teenagers. Listen here:

You can find others you’re sure to enjoy in our list of 7 great podcasts English teachers should listen to

2. Explore Pearson Experiences

The school vacation is a good time to take pause and reflect on what’s happened during the year. Whether you want to improve your classroom management, introduce new ideas like mediation to your students, or help them become more autonomous learners, now’s the time to start preparing. 

Pearson Experiences has a number of interesting initiatives from a network of colleagues, researchers, authors, experts and friends around the world. Now’s the time to start exploring. 

Mediation with Tim Goodier

Learn about mediation and what it means for your classroom practice. Tim covers different activities and strategies around consciously adapting what is communicated to improve understanding. 

What does this mean in practical terms for planning lessons, tracking progress and preparing learners for the careers of the future? Find out here.  

Assessment for learning with Amanda Davies

That’s right, Assessment for learning, not assessment of learning. Amanda Davies explains the difference and shows us how teachers can measure how effective their classes are while they are taking place. Amanda also shows us how to adapt to what students really need and help them get actively involved. She’ll help you get your students to recognize and understand what they’re learning and what they need to do to improve.

Explore assessment for learning here.

You can also check out Mindfulness with Amy Malloy and Career Skills with Rachael Roberts.

3. Interact with the experts

Webinars offer an excellent opportunity to not only learn from experts, but also to ask questions and interact with them via chat. 

So don’t miss our ongoing Assessment Summer Sessions throughout the summer. Every Tuesday, we’ll be broadcasting a free webinar that will cover how you can use Pearson English Proficiency assessments in your teaching and make a difference in your students’ lives. 

There is a range of different assessment-based topics; from the role of the Global Scale of English in assessment to the future of AI in education – there really is something for everyone.  

Find the right webinar for you here. 

You can also catch up on old webinars you might have missed during the year. Explore our archive of Spring Days Webinars on YouTube here.  

We hope you’ve found something interesting that will give you some new ideas to boost your professional development and get you ready for the new school year. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog which is updated regularly with lots of articles and resources to support teachers. 

From all the Pearson English team, enjoy your well-deserved break!

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